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Vocal Coaching

As Bénédicte de Boisson Bardies wrote: "To speak and sing, you have to master a fairly sophisticated vocal apparatus. You have to coordinate and control the movements of the larynx, glottis, soft palate, jaw, lips and the tongue. So when you say "Hello, it's fine today", you have started over a hundred muscles. You understand why it takes the child time to access song and language " (Bridgewater, DD Discovering his voice.)


Aleksandrs Sabanovs, professional singer and vocal coach, graduate of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts, agrees with Kristin Linklater's thought "Get to know your voice - it is strong, it is resistant, it is expressive, it is you. .. "


He offers personalized lessons to your expectations and needs.

Vocal coaching is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals, novices or experts, and can take place in individual or group work.

The fact of singing is deeply in each of us. From this observation, one can reveal one capacity through knowledge of one body and muscular learning.

Aleksandrs Sabanovs

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