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Olivier Bellili

Olivier Bellili

Made of curiosities and desires for discovery, my journey is rather eclectic.


I meet figure skating and dancing from an early age. The pleasure of sliding combined with the search for a feeling of movement. To these two passions was added that of music. As a child, I returned to the conservatory to first learn music theory and then discover the joys of playing the piano. I thank my parents for opening the doors to these arts which are today the foundations of my work as a fitness and dance teacher.


When I was 16, I moved to the United States, where I was fortunate enough to work as a young dancer with Jean Louisa Steele, now director of the Miami ballet. I take advantage of this stay to discover journalism as a student at Summerville High School.

Back in France, I temporarily left my passions for studies in journalism and communication. Sector in which I worked ten years before deciding to return to my first love: dance and especially work with the body. This is how I became a graduate fitness and dance teacher.


In 2000, I entered the fitness world in France by representing the Vit'halles Paris brand at the Fitness championships organized by FISAF and by becoming Champion of France at Stade Charlety (Paris), then World Champion in artistic step team in Agadir, Morocco. After two years of reflection, during which I exercise my profession of cultural communication manager in parallel with the preparation for Creps de Châtenay-Malabry of the BEMF, I take a 90 ° turn and devote myself to my new career in sport.


First by teaching Modern-Jazz and Afro-Jazz in certain studios like Le club Lafayette in Paris or other clubs in the suburbs, then as a fitness teacher for several years in Parisian clubs like Les cercles de la trained until 2008, or Compagnie bleue with Véronique and Davina at the time of their magnificent club in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. I then also worked in the municipality, such as for a few years for the town hall of Courbevoie.


Today, I have always had the same pleasure of giving lessons for almost 20 years. For 10 years, I give Zumba lessons by bringing a very personal borrowing from my course and the fact of giving them in dance studios. My choreographic proposals are certainly more technical than in a fitness club but always with a concern for benevolence and not for performance. My goal remains to give everyone what they expect.


In 2019, I am entering my third year of License at Paris V Descartes where I study psychology. This new orientation of life is in accordance with what I wish to bring in my courses in well-being and benevolence.


Isn't the greatest thing you can do to be able to help others when they are in demand? ...

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