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Aleksandrs Sabanovs

Originally from Jekabpils, a small town, south of Riga in Latvia, Aleksandrs Sabanovs studied eight years in music school before joining from 2004 to 2009 the Russian Academy of theater arts in Moscow. He was trained in singing and acting in the musical.

If he started by playing the trombone, at the age of 12, in the Jekabpils orchestra, his training will lead him from the age of 22 on stage as a singer and actor. He began his career in Latvia at the Riga Russian Theater, then at the New Riga Theater.

From 2012 to 2015, he will be produced at the Domino Theater in Riga, where he will also become the administrator.

Passionate about life and his art, in 2016, he decided to leave his country of birth to settle in Sitges, a city located in the province of Barcelona in Spain.

Despite his lyric training, he remains open and sensitive to other registers and likes to bring his vocal technical to other musical styles. His interpretation seduces as much as it intrigues, both lyric lovers and novices. Indeed, his interpretation is in not a parody but a skill to sublimate and connect together each musical and technical register.

Thus, he is brought to perform at various events, and, also sings till these days at Queenz Restaurant in Sitges.

His love of transmission and sharing, naturally led him to vocal coaching. He accompanies both beginners and professionals towards their goals.


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