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Body & Mind

With Body & Mind, I offer you a one-hour trip combining dance, fitness, yoga, tai chi and meditation.


It will be a moment for you, a moment outside of your daily life where you can explore different universes, different emotions. A moment for you punctuated by dynamic moments, moments of peacefulness, moments of sharing and others to focus on yourself.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. The objective of this course is multiple: strengthening and toning muscle in a dynamic way and also in control and concentration, learning to dance while having fun and letting your body express itself, cardiovascular training and relaxation of the mind and from the body. 


Being graduated in fitness, dancer and student in psychology, I wanted to create a course taking into account the well-being of body and mind.

The class is accessible to all although more technical than in most gyms and becomes easier to follow after 3 sessions because my goal is to make you progress in the gestures while having fun and to make you burn calories.


1:00 p.m.


Our Services

  • Studio Bleu 14 bd Poissonnière, 75009 M:Grands Boulevards (ligne 8/9)


    1 h 30 min

    10 euros
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